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Hotel golden tulip ana dome cluj
Semi-flexible - Hotel GOLDEN TULIP ANA DOME CLUJ


Avantajele ofertei

  • Free cancellation up to 3 days before your stay
  • Plan your holiday without any stress
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Flexibility and peace of mind? Ready, set, go!

Travel stress-free thanks to our semi-flexible rate: you can cancel up to three days before your stay without being charged*. No more worries, you can plan your stay in advance with total peace of mind.

*Reservation may be cancelled until midnight (local time) three days before the check-in deadline of the hotel reserved. After this deadline, 100% of the reservation amount will be debited. Payment to be made at hotel on the day of arrival. The credit card number used to make your reservation may be requested in order to guarantee your reservation.


(+40) 312 295 090


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